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If you have photos of Nate that you would like to share, you can Email Me and I will be happy to upload them to the site. Thanks for sharing

Mo, Alan, Nate, Julie

I’m Nate’s aunt and his mother, Val’s sister, Julie Tippetts. And that’s me in the photo under Nate’s arm last summer. Sigh.

Like so many others, I’ve spent lots of hours trying to make sense of Nate’s death. The “right” of it will never happen, and so I am attempting to assuage my/our loss by reading these tributes. I do know that making sense of this will not happen in this lifetime for me. But I do want to express my appreciation to all of you for sharing your stories. Living 1200 miles from Nate just logistically makes it difficult to know all I want to about him: the residency stories, the surgeon, the friend, the river runner … so many facets I sadly never saw up close for any length of time. The father, I saw. The husband, I saw. The brother, I saw. The nephew, I experienced first hand. And he did not disappoint with any label. I have so many memories … from him flirting with me as a teenager to last summer when he challenged me on the stand up paddle board … (he graciously let me use the fast one he built, and still kicked my butt.)

But I still hunger for more details. Thank you all for taking the time to retell your experiences. For me, they fill in some empty paragraphs with your personal details. They warm my heart, they complete a picture, and ultimately, they break my heart again as I am laughing at your recollections or sensing your loss, too. But please continue to tell your stories. I know I am not the only one who treasures them now, and there will be more than one child who will be searching for a larger picture of their father in a few years. Write on …

Nate, Annette, Becky and Chris Thomas at Blue Lake, Telluride

Nate and Annette

Nate and the Caddy

Nate and Billy Ellwanger at Hatchland

Nate and Annette at their wedding. Notice Nate’s thumbs…

Mike, ICU RN and Nate

Nate with one of his miracles, Grace Koval

Nate Avery, Nate Tritle, with one of their ‘miracle patients’ Grace Koval.

Nate and Annette

Javelina Hunting

“Ski Envy” , Nate and Joel Rohrbough

Nate, Bill, Chris, Koner

Nate & Chris Tucker

Nate on his board.

Nate with patient, Kaelie Kelly

Nate and Phil Brown

Nate and Dave Sacco


Dodge Ball, 2012 From left to right RJ Reed, Josh Bush, Nate, Sarah Reed, Amy Millis, Dave Millis

University of Kentucky-Neurosurgery Residents 1998

Dodge Ball Tournament 2012


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    Please dont ever take this web site off….. we view it every day*** we pray for Nate every day!!! we send love and prayers for his Beautiful wife and soulmate his special wonderful family***>…… we love and appreciate him beyond expression!!!……. he is The Finest Dr. that ever lived!!!!an Incredible soul that blessed so many upon this earth*** the earth is no longer quite as bright* now that he has gone on ahead…….. heaven must be rejoicing*…….. someday we shall join him but because of his brilliance and humble quiet intuitve capacity to care so tenderly for his patients……….. we trust he wants us to go on with meeting each day as he did. Positive courageous. playful and extrodinarilly qualified like no other* we ache so deeply for him to still be here. yet he is in spirit*. God bless his acceptional wonderul glorious soul* our love and prayers are with his Beautiful family***……. these photos are so healing……. please find more!!! God Bless you who has so tastefully put this together ! untapped gratitude and praises ***ever so sincerely.

  1. I am not sure, if I do this right (technically) –
    But I’ll try:
    I had surgery performed by Dr. Avery with GREAT success (contrary to a previous surg. performed by “KAISER” in FONTANA. CA !!)
    I was looking forward to a second procedure/surg., when I heard the DEVASTATING news about this accident (by: Dr. DeVito here in Prescott)
    I MISS you and love you Nate – you were the GREATEST !!
    By: A 71yo patient from Germany, living in Chino Valley, AZ
    WHY – WHY – WHY ????

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